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When it comes to buying and choosing the best golf clubs, especially those that are quality, most people would expects to pay in excess of over $400. However, this is not necesarily the case. There are good quality golf clubs avaliable on the market that are extremely affordable.

The technology used in the clubs today is fast becoming so advanced, that the slightest change in design can effect how they feel and play. Manufacturers spend many hours researching and testing the technology that they use. It is vital that you understand all the ins and outs of the technology they use prior to making your final decision, and a good place to learn these vital pointers is with our Selection Articles.

We also have a featured article which looks at where the best stores are to find the best golf sets at the best prices, both new and used. Read this article here

Most Popular Golf Clubs

Oxygen S Type Oxygen S Type Irons
The Oxygen Type-S Irons redefines the game improvement iron set. Designed to be more forgiving and easier to hit, the Oxygen Type-S features a deep cavity with a low center of gravity, and a low back weight to increase moment of inertia and reduce face twist on miss hits.
Synchron Medic Stainless Steel Woods
The club head is specially designed to feature a low center of gravity and extreme toe/heel weighting system that helps you get out of any type of lie that you are challenged with
Synchron Medic Irons
Trajectory control at its best! The all Synchron Medic's are the latest in iron technology pushing the envelope of play to the limit. Featuring an innovative power bar in the back for the club face which is starts in a lower position in the long irons and incrementally moves higher on each progressing iron

New Reviews

TaylorMade Golf ClubsTaylormade RAC Irons : Read the reviews of the Taylormade RAC Irons range, including the newly launched CGB Irons.

TaylorMade-adidas Golf has led the golf industry's technological evolution since being founded in 1979. With TaylorMade equipment, adidas apparel and footwear, Maxfli golf balls, and Rossa putters, TaylorMade-adidas Golf is dedicated to being the best performance golf brands in the world.

Golf Club Selection Articles

Understanding Golf Club Technology
Understanding how the technology is used in manufacturing of clubs in vitally important. How the head, shaft and grip will possibly effect your game and style of playing all play important roles when it comes to selecting the best set for you game style.

Custom Made Golf Clubs
Customizing your set can be a tricky task to undertake. Doing it incorrectly, and you might as well throw your set away and start all over again. So before you waste your money, make sure you understand exactly how it will effect your game

Clones vs. Brands : What is the difference
What you will need to know about the difference between clones and brand sets, the good and the bad and just exactly how each will effect your game.

Improve your game
Buying a set that will improve your game, will make all the difference, however most sets are designed to suit a specific playing style or age group, so before you waste your hard earned money, be sure that your choice is the right choice for you.

Save Money on Golf Magazine Subscriptions
Looking to save up to 50% or more on magazine subscriptions. See what golf magazines are on offer and how much you could save on subscriptions.

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